Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Treebeard relative

At night we frequently sit out on our balcony and talk under the watchful eye of an old man. He was carved by my friend Paul Nafziger.

Our first visitor from home

This past Sunday, our friend Travis Sands was here for a visit. He was in So Cal on business, and he swung over to Camarillo to see us. Travis and his wife Elizabeth are the people who graciously gave us Loretta, and then they became part of our small group with the Schoch's(Jim & Tammy and Jesse & Jeni, and sometimes Aaron Schoch ;). 'Twas good to see him.

1st day at the beach

It's unbelievable, but we've been here about 6 weeks, and this is the first time we went to the beach. There's gotta be something wrong with us. I guess in life we're more like turtles than hares... Needless to say, it was great. Being from Ohio, it's still a bit shocking, when you're at the beach, to scan the horizon and think about how big that body of water is. Brings to mind all things eternal and profound.