Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Webers all set to reproduce

Yes, to those who don't already know, we are with child. I slapped a "Baby On Board" sticker on Julie's tummy. The news has been out since early August, but as is my nature, I'm only now posting something about it on this blog.
Anyways, everything is going good so far. Julie's been pretty nauseous and has had the all-day "morning" sickness. Everyone tells us that that should end when she's about 14 weeks along, which is in a week or two, I think. The other night we had to stop along a country road because she had to throw up. It was very windy and I did my best to hold her hair back. We (especially Julie) are ready for that part to end! She has been very strong though, and is taking whatever that baby throws at her like a champ.
Other than the nausea, our mood has overall been very optimistic and every day the anticipation builds. 10 years ago, at age 26, I don't think I would've been mentally ready to be a good father. I was way more immature then than I am now... And I don't know that anyone is ever fully ready, you just try to do your best, I'm told.