Thursday, February 14, 2008

A sad story

Some of you may have heard on the national news about a shooting that happened on Feb 12 at a jr. high school that's only a few miles from here, in Oxnard. Here's a news story about it:,0,7204301.story
The kid that was killed, Lawrence King, attended the jr. high youth group at our church, where he wanted to start singing with the worship band. He was also a foster child at a local home for troubled youth called Casa Pacifica, where many people from our church go to help out and try to mentor kids. It's sad enough that he was shot and killed, possibly because he was gay (nobody's sure what the real motive actually was yet) but the story of his life before this happened is sad also. And I'm absolutely dumbfounded as to how a 14 year old kid can think it's a good idea to shoot another kid in the back of the head in a classroom as 20-some other students look on. You have to feel bad for him too. He's 14. His concept of death and murder are probably so wacked out and unrealistic because of violent video games, movies, etc.
Here's another article about the story: