Thursday, June 12, 2008


I realize that my lack of updating seems to frustrate and bore some of you quite a bit. For that I'm sorry. I don't know why I forget to post all the exciting things that go on in our lives everyday. Thank you for reminding me every time you comment that I need to update more often, it really helps. I guess our life is TOO exciting - no time to sit at the computer for hours every night. So in this post I'll try to list some of the things that have been keeping us busy and I'm sure everyone will find them very fascinating:
-Today is Unlimited Trash Day, so I got up a little early and took out all our trash, including our old bed. Soon after that I walked the dogs.
-Last night Julie made a pot roast, and the Ayers' joined us for supper. Afterwards, craziness ensued - ice cream and Pictionary!
-Tuesday I went to Okolona Tavern and ate great chicken wings.
-We got a printer the other day. Get this - it also is a copier AND scanner! Crazy!
-On Sunday we went to my boss's daughter's wedding.
-Yesterday Loretta got her nails clipped. A couple of them bled, which was unfortunate, but exciting.
-The other day I did some more painting in the bathroom. Also hung some pictures on the wall.
-Today I came to work, which is something exciting I generally do, oh, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or so.
-Last Friday I mowed the lawn, which was awesome because it was starting to get REALLY long. And luckily it rained that night, so I got it done just in time! I'm always lucking out like that!
-Last week I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie... again! Julie laughed.

That's all I can think of right now. Tomorrow my plans are to make a sandwich for lunch. I'll post an update on how that turns out.
Stay tuned for more excitement....


deewills said...

IF I didn't know better, well, assume better, I'd feel like I was being made fun of. Go ahead. Make your fun. Chastise me for caring and being interested in your lives.
I guess I was hoping to see some pictures of the new homestead. I do realize that the landscape in Archbold is not nearly as post-worthy as it was when you were living in Camarillo. But I was hoping to see some of the house. I guess instead of clicking on your web page I'll just have to come pounding on your door. (yes, that IS a threat!)

David Weber said...

Yes, I have a little sarcastic streak in me, hope that post didn't offend you. I admit that after several comments about me not updating enough, I started to feel something like pressure to blog, and I don't react well to that sometimes. Nowadays so many people spend so much time writing about their lives on blogs, myspace, facebook, etc., I guess I'd rather DO things more than write about them. Not that blogging is bad, it's just not something I will ever be REALLY into. I think I have a fear of being narcissistic. By the way, I just went to your blog and it says the last post was in 2006? Is that correct?

Aiden's Momma said...

Your such a smartass.....but we love you anyways. Sorry we missed you guys the other day, maybe next time! Tell that wife of yours I said Hola!!!
~ J :D

Tammy said...

its just too funny - deewills want more pictures from you, but her entire blog doesn't even fill one page. :D made me smile today.

deewills said...

Uh hem (clearing throat sound):
1)I recently went thru and deleted my posts - but didn't have the heart to delete that one - it's one of my favorites.
2) Had I not been whining about your lack of posting, NO ONE would even know I haven't been posting. So there!
3)I just started to be friends with you guys right before you moved. So this blog has been a way for me to get to know you a little better, and I have looked forward to it for that reason.
4)It takes a bit more than that to offend me, tho I will milk the illusion of being offended for all it is worth and more.

Tammy said...

"great peace have they that love thy law, and nothing shall offend them." from somewhere in psalms or proverbs.

ha ha ha

it's fun to quote the bible in king James at people. :D

if Davey doesn't post, we'll just keep his blog updated with comments. :D

sbroggie said...

Well, I hoping for an hour by hour breakdown, but this will suffice :-)
Miss you guys.

Today's Manufactured Homes said...

Dave and Julie!
Oh my goodness! I was searching for stuff in Camarillo and look who's blog I found! I'm so amazed! By the way, WE totally miss you guys! Camarillo isn't nearly as exciting without you guys here!
I'm so happy to have found you!
Jeanna Backer

deewills said...

I hope Jeanna isn't TOO excited about finding your blog,I mean, well, you know what I mean!

David Weber said...

Good to hear from you Jeanna. At least twice a week one of says, "I miss California." It's usually after a mosquito bites us or when we look around and see no mountains or ocean. ;) But Ohio has it's strong points too. Tell everyone we said hi and we miss you all too!


Today's Manufactured Homes said...

I think the price of housing in OH might be a great plus! I'm so excited that you guys bought a home! That's awesome. Maybe we'll move there so we can afford one again too! LOL

But prices in CA are coming down. I just sold a house in Simi Valley for $365,000 3 bedrooms 1300 sq ft! That's a bargain. Two years ago that would have been $550,000-$600,000!

So people can afford to buy homes in California again. So you can come back now!