Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

Julie and I have been married 2 years today! Here's a line from a poem by my friend Lenny Miller that works very well for this occasion : "Life goes fast, so love me slow."
I love you Juju. Here's a toast to us!


Noellium said...

Happy anniversary, guys! :D

deewills said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And YAY for wedding pics - expecially since I wasn't invited to yer wedding! You both look amazing! And this means you are still blogging - so for us way over here in Nap town we can feel like we are sorta still in the loop.woo hoo! Anyway - CONGRATS! We are celebrating our 26th a day early - tomorrow - by the way! :-)

deewills said...

P.S. time to change "about me" on this thing.....(yes, you've been busy, but it's time...)

Tammy said...

great picture!

are you all making the trek down to the holy land this weekend?